At the very top of the listings page, select Register.

 Or, click on Join Now in the box titled “List Your Classified Ads”

Here you can see where I have filled in my test Username and Email. Notice there is an extra strong password already generated, but you can change this now if you like. Follow the password hints and make sure it still shows “Strong” in the green box for the password that you choose. * * * Make sure to write down your password ! * * *

Next, click in the box to the left of  the words, “I’m not a robot.” The Google verification box should pop up. The one below for my sample shows to select all the images with street signs, which I did. Then, click on the “verify” button.

Now you should see the green check mark in the box showing that you passed the Google verification.You are ready to click on “Create Account.”

At the very top of the next page, notice the Welcome, Username and then you can click on the “My Dashboard” button.

You can also scroll down to the user box to click on the “Manage Ads” button.

In the Dashboard box, it will show that you currently have no ads.

To create your first ad, just click on the large blue button at the far right of the menu bar, “Post an Ad.”

 On the first page, you will see Cost Per Listing: Free; then under that a drop down menu to select a category. If there is a subcategory, another drop down menu will appear. If none of those options apply, just ignore and select the Go button.

 On the “Submit Your Listing” page, you only have to fill in fields with the * (so you do not have to put in your full address–only State and country are required. Note only US is available to select).

At the bottom of the page you will see where you can add your images. (You can add 6 images.)

When you are done, click the “Continue” button.

 The next page, “Review Your Listing” will show your categories filled in, but not the images.

Review the terms in the box, then click on the “Continue” button.

The next page will show “Ad Listing Received” and a button to “View your new ad listing.”

Notice your search term “tags” at the bottom. You didn’t forget, did you?

If you do notice any changes you need to make, you can click on the “My Dashboard” button at the top of the screen…

or the “Manage Ads” button in the sidebar to make edits.

Your dashboard will show your ad listed; notice the “Live” status.

Notice at the right, under Options, you can select the pencil icon to edit, or the X to delete, or the pause button to temporarily take the ad offline. You can also select “Mark as Sold” while you are waiting on payment. Do not delete the ad until payment is received.

Note in the Dashboard box shown below, the yellow box shows “Ad has been paused.” Now, notice in the lower right corner, the little hand icon is hovering over the pause button, making the little box appear with the “Restart Ad” option.

After you have restarted the ad, you will see it show up in the listings again.

Also note in the Dashboard box in the right sidebar, you can select “Edit Profile.”

Now you can add more personal info, including a website link or information about yourself in the About Me section.

You can also include info for Twitter and/or Facebook account

  • * * *Notice the “Generate Password” button if you need a new password.* * *

(Ignore the membership packs, since listings are currently free.)

When potential buyers are viewing  your ads, they can click on the Contact tab in the sidebar to inquire about your listing. The message will be sent to your registration email. Notice the “I’m not a robot” Google test is required to send the message.

Note the heart icon on the ads. When viewers click to “favorite” the ad, a total number of favorites will show.

Buyers can also click on the “Poster” tab to see all ad listings “posted” by a particular seller.

Ok! I hope that these instructions will help. If you need a category created for your listings, just let me know!



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